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Anyone be interested in my Peanut synopsis list?

I was working on this project several years back which I named the Peanuts Book Synopsis List.  Basically it was a listing of various Peanuts book titles with a summary of the major story lines in the book, along with a section called "Comics of notes" which I described various one, two page comics that I thought contained an interesting quotes, character moment, or just something somebody might want to look up.

Basically, the whole thing was a way to organize all the issues and help out with the occasional, "What book is it where..." type questions. 

Anyway, I haven't worked on it for years, but I did manage to cover about forty two books before I retired on.  I was curious if anyone was wanting to see it just for their own reference (or something).  It's WAAAY to big to post here, so I was thinking of just sending it as a doc file to anyone interesting (it's about 400k if you're curious.)

Below I've pasted a sample covering one of the books.

If anyone would like a copy this, just msg me. 


Title: Don’t Hassle Me With Your Sighs, Chuck

Published: 1975, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston


Main story lines:

1.  Lucy and several of the Peanuts gang take some dirt from CB’s pitcher’s mound for their various plants.

2.  Linus and Snoopy go on a truffle hunt and end meeting a girl named Truffles who’s visiting her grandfather’s farm.  Both Linus and Snoopy develop a crush on her (Snoopy more for the cookies she gives out, though.)  Linus is unable to visit her again though, as Snoopy is the only one who remembers the way, much to Linus’ angst.

3.  After hearing “The Three Little Pigs” Snoopy becomes obsessed with having a brick dog house. (Lucy even draws lines on it with a black marker.)

4.  CB goes off to camp.  While he’s gone, Marcie and PP rent Snoopy’s “Sophwith Camel” to enter the “Powder Puff Derby.”  At camp, CB attends a nearby baseball game in which his hero, Joe Shlabotnik, is managing one of the teams.  CB manages to get an autographed baseball, which a local boy steals until Snoopy “persuades” the young man to give it back.       

5.  Spike, Snoopy’s brother, comes to visit him.  Lucy, thinking Spike is too thin, decides to “nurse him back to health.”

6.  Later, Spike (thin once more) attempts to hitchhike back to Needles.

7.  PP becomes Linus’ disciple as they both wait for the Great Pumpkin.

8.  Snoopy gets invited by Spike to come to Needles for Thanksgiving.  Before leaving, Lucy gives Snoopy Linus’ blanket to keep him warm.  As Snoopy makes his way there, Spike, worried about his brother, heads over to where Snoopy lives.  The two end up missing each other and they each spend Thanksgiving at the other’s place of residence.

9.  In a related storyline, Linus suffers through “withdrawal” before a package from Spike finally arrives with his lost blanket.

10.  PP attempts to teach Marcie how to play football.

11.  CB’s school “commits suicide” which leads to the gang having to go to PP, Marcie, and Franklin’s school.  CB and PP share a desk for several panels. 

12.  Woodstock gets the “vapors” and Snoopy nurses him back to health.

13.  Snoopy breaks his leg tripping over his supper disk and has to wear a cast.  Shortly afterwards, PP attempts to trade Marcie for Snoopy for her baseball team.  Also, still in a cast, Snoopy appears in front of Sally’s class as part of her report.


Comics of special note:

1.  Lucy wins a trophy from Schroeder for “The Most Stupid Question of the Year” (“What makes you think Beethoven was better than Elton John?”)

2.  The school building drops a brick on Linus’ head.

3.  The school building drops a brick on Lucy’s head after she insults him.

4.  PP has a conversation with Chuck, asking why couldn’t he hypothetically fall in love with a girl who “..isn’t cute and has freckles and a big nose.”


Interesting facts:

1.  According to Snoopy, his grandmother was last seen “...chasing five rabbits across a cloverleaf interchange.”

2.  Snoopy’s mom belong to a theater group and was “...never home much.”

3.  Upon hearing that Lucy wants to kiss Schroeder during a baseball game, CB points out that there are seven other guys she can kiss instead.  (Six if you exclude Snoopy.)

4.  Marcie’s grandfather (one of them, anyway) plays left-wing in the World Hockey Association.


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